Greta Thunberg ends year with one of the greatest tweets in history | Rebecca Solnit

On 27 December, previous kickboxer and specialist misogynist and online entrepreneur Andrew Tate, 36, sent a boastfully hostile tweet to local weather activist Greta Thunberg, 19, about his sports activities motor vehicle assortment. “Please offer your electronic mail deal with so I can mail a full listing of my vehicle assortment and their respective massive emissions,” he wrote. He was possibly hoping to boost his standing by mocking her weather determination. As a substitute, she burned the macho dude to a crisp in 9 words and phrases.

Automobiles are routinely tokens of virility and standing for adult males, and the impression accompanying his tweet of him pumping fuel into a single of his motor vehicles, coupled with his claims about their “enormous emissions”, experienced unsolicited dick pic strength. Thunberg seemed informed of that when she replied: “yes, please do enlighten me. electronic mail me at”.

Her reply acquired traction to swiftly become just one of the prime 10 tweets of all time as I generate, it’s been favored 3.5 million moments and shared instantly 650,000 or so, and the interchange became the matter of a great number of news stories close to the environment, from India to Australia.

There’s a immediate association amongst machismo and the refusal to realize and answer appropriately to the local climate disaster. It’s a end result of versions of masculinity in which selfishness and indifference – individualism taken to its extremes – are defining features, and consequently caring and performing for the collective very good is their antithesis.

“Men resist environmentally friendly actions as unmanly” is the headline for a 2017 story on the phenomenon. Machismo and weather denial, as perfectly as alliance with the fossil gas business, is a package deal offer for the right, from the “rolling coal” vans whose plumes of darkish smoke are meant as a sneer at weather brings about to Republicans in the US who have long opposed virtually all climate action (and are major recipients of oil revenue).

Thunberg’s takedown obviously stung Tate, who 10 hrs afterwards tweeted out a pompous online video in which he tried to reassert his masculinity and position by blathering on in a dressing robe, with a cigar and a pizza box as props. Not prolonged just after that, he and his brother Tristan Tate have been arrested by Romanian authorities in connection with appalling allegations of intercourse trafficking. Tate is a troll and a creep he’s also alleged to be a pimp and rapist. Tate denies all wrongdoing.

Tate is portion of a huge community of far-suitable adult males on the internet and he’d been banned from most social media platforms. Elon Musk’s Twitter allow him back on not prolonged right before the tweet that was listened to about the entire world.

He was hoping to advertise himself with his sneer at Thunberg he managed to elevate his visibility just in time to make information of his arrest and the rates global news. By at least a single account, his Romanian-manufacturer pizza box in his movie served cue Romanian police to his spot. Had he not harassed Thunberg, the news of his arrest and the rates would not have been key news. He went looking for attention he obtained it.

Thunberg drily tweeted the early morning of the 30th: “this is what transpires when you really do not recycle your pizza containers,” mocking her possess earnest community graphic. So far it has 2.6 million likes. Beyond the enjoyment price of what transpired about the previous couple of days is a critical reminder of the intersection between machismo, misogyny, hostility to weather action and climate science, and the dank underworld of rightwing figures like Tate recruiting white boys and young males to their views.